Born in Sweden to Japanese and Swedish parents, Pamie moved to London in the late 70’s. She started her career in advertising at Publicis as a TV Admin assistant and quickly moved up the ranks to head up the TV Admin department. A couple of production assistant positions at Lowe Howard-Spink and Leo Burnett’s followed. Since then, Pamie has been working as a freelance agency producer for over 20 years, working in both small start-ups as well as bigger, established agencies. Likewise her dealings with Clients have included big, corporate, global Clients as well as the smaller, one-off brands.

Although highly organised, she likes to think of herself as approachable and have always been proud of her positive and honest relationships with colleagues and clients alike. In the mid 90’s, Pamie joined forces with her partner and ran a post production business specialising in documentaries. Pamie is currently working as an Executive Producer at Unit Studios, a VFX company in London.

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